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This is the FIRST SET OF RULES posted
when the exMARG egroup started
Hello everyone,

It sure is a good idea to introduce yourself. But it so happens that you read it and then forget it as there are quite a few portraits coming in. Hence, from now on, why don't you send it to  (  subject = Background) and I can compile it and send it back to all of you at the exmarg egroup. All of you who have emailed it already, needn't send it again. While writing, please try to give some info. on where you are now and what are you doing etc. a bit on the family front (just got married!, or have two kids who are 1yr and 3 yrs ... etc) so that you can also be "placed" among the living!.

We also need to lay down some basic rules as to what kind of mail is allowed, subjects, etc.

I hope you all agree to the above and stick to them! Else, I will have your address deleted from the list! Sorry folks if I sound like another terrible manager/client! But I think without these basic guidelines, you yourself will soon unsuscribe to this list!

Now our first task will be to do something productive apart from just keeping in touch with each other. We should widen the scope of our egroup  to include other areas (still groping with possibilities, ideas welcome!!!). Consulting could be one, tips, etc. can come in fast. This could be like the extra-office (opposite of Intra-office) brain bank for all of us.

I think there is a lot we can do with this egroup  given that:
Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. To start with, you can query the egroup on any doubts that you have. It could be directly related to MR or not! But use your judgement to decide whether it's relavent to the egroup. It could be on a new job opening in your organisation, or an interesting website relevant to the egroup you saw on the internet ( e.g., check out: for market research job listings!). Or even a problem that you think you can share with your old friends!
Finally, three cheers to MARG! I'm sure we all cribbed about the job and the company at times (rather, most of the time!) when we were at MARG, but that's what brought us all together and for most of us who started our career there, it had been a great learning experience inspite of the constraints like the those described in Hemendra's email.
There is also an option of receiving just a daily summary of the "discussions". If you would rather receive that, do let me know offline at  (  subject = summaryonly).
Lastly, please remember that if you do not want to participate in this egroup you can easily unsubsribe by sending a blank email to  and you will automatically be unsubscribed.
Keep the mail coming

The exMARG Team
PS: 1. Those who prefer to receive HTML mail may notify us at  (  subject = HTML).  Most Webmail sites ( hotmail, yahoo etc.) and POP3/IMAP clients like Oulook, Netscape Messenger support this format. Lotus Notes 4.x or lower users and those behind Jurassic Age corporate mail servers may have to stick to poor old TEXT format.
2. Register new members online at
3. Thank you Kartik, for the ideas on rules etc.!!! 
4 . Almost fell asleep writing this letter, so please proof read this yourself! That's if you haven't fell asleep yourself reading this long list of do's and don'ts!!!

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